About Us

The name Paragon Solstice is a combination formed from the word ‘paragon’ which means “model of excellence” and ‘solstice,’ the powerful planetary moment when the tilt of the earth brings us closest to the sun. 

Paragon Solstice works with individuals and organizations who are looking for transformation during transition, change and or uncertainty. 

Our Guiding Principals

Integrity and Trust

Integrity is not just about what we do but also about the way we choose to do it. We pride ourselves in earning clients trust by being honest and accessible for open feedback, discussion, and implementation of ethical codes in all of our services and approaches.

Collaboration and Communication

We believe in the power of working together in a person-centered manner for solutions that stand the test of time. We leveraging diverse talents, perspectives and resources that challenge and push clients forward through clear and consistent methods of communication.

Consious Leadership and Relationship building

We model and facilitate the development of conscious leadership for individuals and organizations through responsibility and self-awareness that focuses on building a culture of “we” rather than a culture of “me.” We recognize the importance of fostering a positive client relationship to support growth and trust.

Quality and Transparency

We understand that high quality and transparent customer service is a determining factor for individuals as well as organizations to trust a service provider. We test and vet our frameworks and are transparent about our processes and workflows in an effort to make it easy for our customers to contact us and find information about our company, its products, and services.

Values Driven Services

Individual and Group Coaching

When faced with rapid change or transformation, individuals and organizations need resilience to thrive. Our coaching approach builds resilience in the context of real-world situations to help individuals and organizations thrive — because resilient people build resilient communities.

Coaching and Professional Development

Training and professional development programs enhance the on-the-job skills and competence of employees and students. Our customized professional training and development programs address specific people needs of businesses and organizations

Consulting for Organizations

Whether you need operations, workforce development, business development or marketing needs for your organization, we're available to tailor and support your goals on a project or retainer basis.


Emily Rentas

Emily is a coaching and mental health leader with over 13 + years of experience in personal transformation and developing and turning around programs in various organizations in the areas of healthcare, mental health, supportive housing, social services, substance use and non-profits. She is highly skilled in systems, operations, grants, marketing, business development, and professional development. 

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York to immigrant parents of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, Emily has navigated the cultural and economic systems and landscapes first- and second-generation immigrants are facing within the United States. Emily has worked with underserved communities throughout New York City and the United States as a whole. Emily earned her masters of mental health counseling at The City University of New York at Brooklyn College and has clinically worked with children, adolescents, adults, families, couples, and groups. In addition to Paragon Solstice, Emily founded Solstice Mental Health Counseling Services based in New York where she privately treats adults and provides comprehensive mental health education and consulting to organizations and institutions.

Emily is especially known for assisting individuals and organizations transform during times of abrupt change, transition and uncertainty. This includes developing and implementing creative and resourceful solutions that lead to significant improvement in client service delivery and satisfaction, staff wellbeing and retention, and overall sustainability and financial viability. She is particularly skilled in assisting in people operations during mergers and acquisitions through comprehensive integration of cultures and operational systems.

Her mission: Guide individuals and organizations to create the keys necessary to open doors to bring visions and goals into creation

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